With the demand for voice, data and video access across networks, Swaisland has invested in the personnel, training and technology to ensure the provision of a fully integrated system. By designing systems that can quickly adapt to new requirements we aim to ensure that all our clients can make the most of their infrastructure and best use of the available technology.

A high percentage of the problems experienced with voice, data and video transmission can be traced to connectivity, but a well-designed cabling system will optimise performance and reliability, providing the inherent capacity for future expansion. Swaisland is an independent structured cabling installer, specialising in the design, installation and maintenance of high quality cabling networks for the transmission of both voice, data and video.

• Integrated voice, data and video
• Bespoke dedicated systems
• CCTV over IP capabilities
• Future-proofed technology (Gigabit Ethernet)
• Fibre optic solutions
• Versatile
• Cost-effective

For anyone considering running VoIP (voice over internet protocol) we would recommend that your current network receives a full ‘health check’ with our network analysing equipment. This will be carried out by one of our Project Consultants prior to implementation.